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We are able to deliver a wide range of high quality butt fusion, handheld extruders and Electro fusion machines in the Gulf region with our machines operating in Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

About Us

Hiweld has expansive range of PE Welding Machines that are suited for a variety of client requirements and have been thoroughly tested and operational in the harsh conditions of the Middle East climate.

Butt Fusion Machines

Hiweld Butt Fusion machines can be manufactured to weld from 20mm to 2500mm HDPE pipes and are simple to use and simple to transport

Electro Fusion Machines

The Hiweld Electro Fusion machines are lightweight, sturdy and easy to use and can weld from 20mm to 800mm

Hand Extruders

The Hiweld Hand Extruders is available in two different variants and are easy to use and lightweight for extra versatility

Butt Fusion Lite

Hiweld Butt Fusion Lite is our value butt fusion machine option, which allows clients to get into the butt fusion business at a low price point. The Butt Fusion Lite is made from quality parts and is sturdy to last in the harsh conditions of the gulf climate.

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